Happy Valentine’s Day! Ariella’s Rebellion is out today…

Congratulations are in order for Carolee Croft on the release of Ariella’s Rebellion! What an exciting Valentine’s Day for her. I’ll definitely be tipping a glass of wine to her tonight!

Carolee Croft

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone or with friends and family, or not celebrating at all, I hope you have a fabulous day.

Ariella’s Rebellion is now available on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, and all other Amazon stores.

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“IF” A Frank Angle Challenge – by Resa

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


If I can’t have you

Then it would be as

If 6 was 9

Upside down all the time


If It Wasn’t For The Nights-

When I could turn over and say

Let Me Dream If I Want To

 I’d keep hearing you say,

If you wear that velvet dress-

Once more, and I think

Damned If I Do

So wondering out loud I ask

“What If We Give It Away”?

If It Makes You Happy

That’s what we should do.

But darling

If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)


If Music Could Talk

We’d dance until, eternity.

                             – Resa – February 8, 2018


PS. Let me know if you need or want a link! I have them all ready to go!

Ariella’s Escape


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*Fiction – Adventure – Adult *   Pages – 180 – Release – 2017

From the very beginning I was captivated by Ariella, Baroness of Leduryon.
Strong women are very much touted in today’s world, and this capable heroine of an imagined yesterday is a fierce warrior on the field, and a fierce lover in bed.

Sent on a diplomatic mission to Chaldea by Queen Esclairmonde of Dezearre, Ariella is a classy ambassador with a mighty sword. Upon her arrival, Ariella is greeted with a gift from King Acheron. His name is Demetrius. His handsome face, and fantastic body are outshone only by his pulsating and loving desire for Ariella. He is hers for the three nights of her visit.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes after the first evening’s delicious encounter. After Ariella and Demetrius’  first passionate tryst together, diplomacy comes to an abrupt halt. Ariella and Demetrius are forced to flee the vindictive, treacherous pretty boy Prince Theodos. Prince Theodos and his men persue the two into an enchanted forest. Although the Prince is staved off by the elf King Larkos and his band of elves, the flight and fight are far from over.

Set in an historical semi-invented world, much like the successful and popular TV series, “Game of Thrones” or “Vikings” an exhilarating adventure awaits the pair of escapees.

Theirs is a trek that takes them though dangerous terrain, but the magic forest kingdom of King Larkos could be the biggest peril of all. In this place we are treated to a mystic strategy that only elves and assorted denizens of a spellbound world could conjure up. Of course, it’s all a challenge that Ariella and Demetrius need to survive successfully in order to continue on.

It’s not all fleeing and fighting, though. There are momentary hours of safe haven. During these night time pauses, within the adrenaline pumped escape, Ariella and Demetrius take their promised nights unto themselves. They are more than enamored by each other. I say they are in love with each other. Their love making scenes, passionate and deliciously lusty, are gracefully, albeit graphically written. Yet, no matter how intense the sexual encounters are, the story itself remains undaunted.

Freedom is finally theirs, and each returns to their home land. Ariella to Dezearre, Demetrius to Sylcadia.

At this point, it’s not over, not by a long shot! As a dutiful subject of Queen Esclairmonde and devoted to the kingdom of Dezearre, Ariella takes to the battlefield once again. Her challenge: The Baroness of Ancarette.
Risking a spoiler, I’ll stop here. The ending is satisfying, yet a cliff hanger at the same time. Read this tale, and you, like I, will want to read the second book in the series, Ariella’s Rebellion.

Star Rating? Well, I’m more creative than that rigid expression of grading. I’m going with swords, broad ones, the kind Ariella uses. Also, having just finished the book, I am still in the enchanted forest of King Larkos. So, I say 6 out of 5 Swords.

I’m looking forward to Ariella’s Rebellion, which will be released February 14, 2018. It is available for pre-order on all Amazon stores including:

Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia,

Ariella’s Escape is available on Amazon US,  & Amazon UK, & Amazon Australia For Amazon Canada click on the book cover.

Carolee Croft

is a Canadian writer who has just moved back to Canada from São Paulo, Brazil.

Carolee enjoys traveling around the world, trying chocolate in all its various forms, and relaxing with a good book. She is obsessed with Italian greyhounds.

She has written 6 novels that are in her own words “I hope not too naughty for your audience”. I find that a tad endearing coming from an admitted fan of Spongebob. You can find her books on  Carolee’s Books on Amazon

OR visit her on Carolee’s Face Book page or Carolee’s WordPress blog


Calle Ocho

Holly is one sweet poet. Here’s a taste. Follow her and enjoy a feast!
(I’ll have a cigar, please!)

House of Heart

In the shadows of a rundown bar

she breathes cigars and Cuba Libre.

A Spanish guitar plays Guananey

as she swallows the night

in a sunflower dress with no shoes.

She  longs for her homeland

and the impossible dream of


” Havana ” Roman Virdi

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Have you ever seen anything as sweet and beautiful as Lluvia? “Belén, thank you so much for this wonderful gift! Your work is poetry in ceramics.

Arcilla y fuego

Patito de metal y cerámica Lluvia, puesta en escena

Imágenes exclusivas de la espectacular puesta en escena de Lluvia … hola mundo!!

Patito de metal y cerámica Lluvia

Patito de metal y cerámica Lluvia

Patito de metal y cerámica Lluvia

Patito de metal y cerámica Lluvia

Patito de metal y cerámica Lluvia


Las primeras semanas en la vida de un bebé pato suelen ser las mas complicadas, sus padres, Drake y Soltratan de mantenerla en un ambiente cálido y suplen con mucho amor su inexperiencia en estos temas de la paternidad.

No se han separado de su nido ni un momento, y siguiendo los sabios consejos de nuestra querida amiga Resa, han logrado superar los momentos mas críticos, ahora que Luvia crece fuerte y sana, ellos han decidido que es la hora de presentarla en sociedad.

Yo, como todas las abuelas del mundo, creo que es una bebé pato preciosa, la mas bonita de todas las que han salido de mis manos, ¿vosotros que opináis?

Belén Soto

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Scattered Gold


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First of a short series of poems inspired by 1920’s Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion.

A curved path

Its scattered gold

Seems like leaves, old

Dry, and come to ground

Before the stairs

Enticing me.

Between the trees

Tickets to climb

Are a need to buy

But empty is the seller’s chair.

Sublime? Not.

Yet, there is lots of

Scattered gold.


Poem © Resa McConaghy – 2017

Photo © Resa – October, 2016


In the Vampire’s Lair: Second Edition

Carolee Croft

I’m re-publishing In the Vampire’s Lair today with a sexy new cover, so if you haven’t read it, please grab your copy.

Her boss is a vampire, but a girl’s got to make a living…

Liv Fairhaven is intrigued by working for a man who calls himself Dameon, Lord of Darkness. He says he is a vampire, and he fits the profile with his long, dark hair and his gothic style, but to Liv he seems just an ‘adorkable’ guy…

When she realizes that Dameon really does have supernatural powers, it is too late to back out as she is seduced by his dominant personality.

This story is for readers who are 18+ only.

Available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia and all other Amazon stores.

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