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What I call Queen’s end was  once a tony neighborhood called Sunnyside. Here’s Queen’s end’s corner in the 1930’s. We are looking east-north.

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By the late 1970’s the area had fallen from grace. It had fallen down, way down,  down into the  gutter’s gutter.

Sunnyside had degenerated into a festering wallow of drug addicts, whores and pimps; and not just any pimps, but stereotype polyester pimps.

Stella Luna was one of the very first positive changes at Queen’s end.

In the late 1990’s I discovered Stella Luna when I was scrounging for Vintage clothes for a period film I was working on.

The film’s story ran the gambit from 1950 to 1969. There was like, 50 script days. I needed a lot of clothes.

Juul Haalymeyer, the Costume Designer from “SCTV” now had a thriving Costume Rentals place Called Homemade Tarts.  index.htmlIt was just off Spadina Avenue in Toronto’s old garment district..

Do you remember “SCTV”, or have you seen the reruns? It was a comedy series that ran from 1976-1984.

I love Juul, and so did “SCTV”.  They hysterically included him and The Juul Haalmeyer Dancers in some of their comedy pieces. Here’s one for a laugh. It’s old so the quality is low.

“SCTV” also sparked the career of the late, great John Candynm0001006

Homemade Tarts has the best period clothing in Canada.

Nonetheless, no matter how much clothing Juul could supply, I was still seeking special pieces for my leads. Juul was kind enough to tell me about Stella Luna. I drove to Queen’s end and found Stella Luna. I scored big time.

It was a good 5 years before I moved here.

As I walked into the shop, I could immediately tell that Crispian, the owner of Stella Luna, had a sharp eye for collecting.

The main thing I liked and still do about Stella Luna is that it’s laid out like a “Boutique”.

Yes it’s jam packed, and that’s okay by me.

Of note is Crispian’s collection of accessories. I close in on the display case, and find a magpie’s delight.

Over the years I’ve dressed the likes of  Helen Mirren, Julie Delpy, Holly Hunter, Sissy Spacek and many others in pieces from this place.

However, times have changed. Where I once found a dizzying selection of frocks from the 1950’s, tons of hip 60’s pieces and a Polyester Parthenon of early 1970’s fashions, I now find the late 70’s and 1980’s. Unnervingly the 90’s are making their debut.

However, Crispian does her best. Today when I went in there were two 1930’s bias cut nighties,  one 50’s cotton sundress,  and a large armload of indestructible polyester pieces from the early 1970’s.

Crispian has been hanging in the hood for a lot of years now. Cheers Crispian! Your Vintage still rocks Queen’s end.

Stella Luna is not just a great Vintage Boutique, it also operates in a Vintage mode. There is no web site.