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 Serious footwear is a prerequisite for my glamorous career.

© Resa McConaghy

These are serious, I think as I gaze upon my pristine Black & White Satin, Cherry-Print  high-tops. I could wear these to work tomorrow.

I suddenly flashback to my Sherbert-Lime  retro-repro Reeboks. I nostalgically recall how audacious they were with an all-black outfit, until an emergency Zombie breakdown-fest happened on Set. My Sherbert-Lime’s got slathered with snotty grease, and caked in breakdown powders. Sigh!

Hmm, think I’ll pass on the Satin Sneaks.

Even if I’m not on set tomorrow, so what? I’ll be shopping til I’m dropping. I need something much sturdier to make it back and forth across the Eaton Center, or as I call it, the Creaton Center.

I know, what about those Doc Martins I bought last year?

© Resa McConaghy

Are these like the sickest boots you’ve ever seen? In pure white leather with Hot Pink Floral Flocking, they should be a wallpaper.

Okay, I confess that when I bought them I had no intention of wearing them. One coffee spill would destroy them. Instead, I put them on the dining room table. I wanted to fill them with dried flowers.

Someone said shoes on the table was bad luck. Rats! Into the closet my flocked Docs went.

I pull other boots, sneakers and flats out of the closet. Nothing’s right. Well if I could wear anything in the world  I want, what would it be? I make a heart-bent selection.

My eyes linger on these shoes. Pretty heels remind me of glamorous events and moments. I begin to remember a few.

© Resa McConaghy

Don’t be ridiculous! I tell myself. You’ll die in the trenches with these shoes.

It seems the glamor is in the aftermath, not the doing.

I crave aftermath. I drift off into glamorous memory dreamland.

So it’s a Pop Culture memory, not mine.

I don’t know Sheila E, but from my POV; I believe she worked really hard making that video. Her syncopation is hypnotic, and what about that awesome beat when she kicks the symbol?

Okay, her father was Santana percussionist,  Pete Escovedo.  I’m sure that helped on a specific end, but her execution of cool wasn’t bought in a store.


Shoes that I’m not wearing to work tomorrow are scattered all over the apartment. I should put them back in the closet, but I panic that time is running out. It’s mere hours until I’m back on the MOW hamster wheel.

In defiance I play Yakuza Dead Souls. I have a crush on one of the characters.

Did I ever mention I have the pink controller for my PS3?


I default to my beat-up old white and turquoise Pumas until I can buy some new rad sneaks.

PS: Sheila E is still working hard. She’s still glamorous. Check her out. www.sheilae.com