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Why would I want to cook when Fiore Di Zucca is on the menu at The Local Kitchen & Wine Barwww.localkitchen.ca

Answer: There is no reason. Besides, I’m thin as a rail and fit to be tied from fittings. I’m vanishing into an MOW’s abyss, and totally hungry.

I decide to treat myself and the awesomely sexy N to dinner at the”Local”.

Of course seats at the bar are an urban-boho must. I grab the last two, and order my deep fried flower appetizer before I take any pics. My shots look like s*!# tonight. N generously offers up some from his library.

© N

My eyes take in the wall behind the bar. I gaze upon the Enomatic. Keeping wine tasty for days, it’s loaded with expensive reds you can buy, by the glass.

Even though we’ve ordered a bottle, I still want to see what wines are available in the Enomatic tonight. The names are printed on the mirror behind the bar.

I continue taking lousy pics. See what I mean?

When my Fiore Di Zucca arrives, I manage to take a half decent shot.

These are to die for.

Michael picks the zucchini blossoms from his parents’ garden in the afternoon. In the evening Fabio stuffs them with ricotta and mint. They are dipped in a delicate tempura-like batter before hitting hot oil. I squeeze fresh lemon on them, and go to heaven! If these were in season all year, I’d probably look like a beach ball.

That’s the way it is at the Local Kitchen & Wine Bar. The menu is designed from in season, locally grown produce as much as possible.

Then there’s the passion the boys put into everything they do.

© N

I sip on my wine, and look around. Hey, where am I, in some kind of old Italian oil painting?

I think about the days before cameras, when there was only art to document life. Times have changed, but has pasta? Here it’s fresh made daily.

N orders Ziti + Pomodori + Basil + Peperoncino I get the Mitri stuffed with Fava Beans & Ricotta & Summer Black Truffles. I convince Haley to take my camera into the kitchen, and get a behind the scenes shot of my pasta being plated.

© Haley Blackmore

For dessert, we get a sampler platter.

Let’s see! There’s Fritole filled with Nutella, Panna Cotta with raspberries and Celery Sorbet.

I take a shot of the dessert platter. It’s the worst picture I’ve ever taken.

There are two photos you will never see in this Blog, the unfortunate pic of this delicious dessert sampler, and Resa first thing in the morning.

Time to tango out of here!

Maybe N wants to play some vid with me now? I’d like that.


Molto Delizioso!

@ N

N takes a shot of me at Queen’s end with his phone.


The Local Kitchen & Wine Bar experience is like being in an old Italian oil painting. The food is excellent, and fits right in with the brush strokes of the atmosphere.

Fabio Bondi (Chef) and Michael Sangregorio (Front of House Man) are the artists.

 Fabio and Michael are Food Rock Stars at Queen’s end.