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My Assistant and I took the Queensway home last night. She drove. I shot

through the windshield. I took at least fifty pics. This is the only one I like.

This pic rules because once we cross the impending intersection at King, Queensway becomes Queen. Yay, I’m almost home, again.

It’s been a long day filled with stress-riddled hours. However, due to subject matter, I’m happier on this project than I was on the last one.
The last one was about a rapist and murderer. An Officer and a Murderer

I check my e-mail when I get home. Here is part of one.

“An Officer and A Murderer is a mega hit for Lifetime!! Saturday night’s premiere of the Lifetime Original Movie, An Officer and a Murderer averaged 2.4 million Total Viewers. At its highest number we hit 2.6!! The numbers actually went UP throughout the broadcast.”

The story is about Russell Williams, an ex-Colonel in the Canadian Air Force. He was the Commander of the Trenton Air Base. He was so honored, he flew our Queen Elizabeth.

His mega-fall from grace began with  breaking into women’s homes, stealing their underwear, and taking pictures of himself in it. His actions escalated into rape and murder.


Now, I’ve done other bio-pics before. I even did one about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church,  Our Fathers, but I never did one about a rapist/murderer before.

I felt righteous exposing the Catholic pedophilia. I’m not sure, yet, how I feel about recreating the heinous actions of Russel Williams.

Although, I think he deserves to be reviled by everyone now, and in the future, and in a small way I may have helped to ensure that.

We don’t have the Death Penalty in Canada, so we will pay for him to rot in prison for many years. Again, I debate with myself. Is the Death Penalty right or wrong?


I’m a Killer Designer.