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I’m standing at the crossroads of Real life, Career life and Blog life. To be more precise, I’m at the NE curb at Queen’s end.

I take a shot of my awesome new high-tops for Dominique .

My POV rises. If this was the 1970’s, and I was standing exactly here, this is what I might see.

From a postcard image printed by R. Fred Drske Photography 1970’s

Well, it’s not then. It’s now, and large Corporate entities have taken the Queensway/Roncesvailles curb. This is what I do see.

My Head Pans Right revealing First  Convenience. It’s family owned, and I’m

reminded of just how much I rely on the corner store, a hallmark of urban civilization:

Still fatigued after a good night’s sleep, my eyes crack open. I see the glamorous barn our film crew ate in recently?

I blink my eyes and and realize it’s just day light breaking in through the venetian blinds.


Adrenaline pumps. Heart palpitates. Did I sleep in?

Am I late for call?

Fool, it’s Saturday! I break into a cold sweat.

I need a cup of coffee, but when I get to the cupboard I realize that I’m out of it, and coffee.

Not a problem, I’m thinking. I’ll just shoot over to First Convenience and buy some!

First Convenience is a five aisle Fair-Isle knit Carnival of basic needs and more. Check it out! I expect a trapeze  artist to swing by at any moment.

So they don’t have any of that Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Ice Cream like Wendy at Chez Chloe, but they do have commercial ice-cream.

I grab a tub of Cherry Garcia. Hmm, too, bad there’s no awesome cupcakes like at The Charmed Cupcake to go with the ice-cream.

I snap-up the last loaf of 12 grain bread and a jar of PB to go with this gourmet J I have at home. A toasted PB & J will go nicely with the ice-cream.

Lingering along the wall of urgent necessities, I try to remember what I might significantly require.

Bobby pins, glue, tape, envelopes and this odd tool device all tempt, but I don’t give in.

What I really need is wrapping paper, candles and light bulbs.

I carefully select a magazine, and black-out my lucky numbers on a Lotto slip.

My pace slows as I pass the plastic Cowboy/Crocodile Dundee hats. Kitsch like this doesn’t grow on trees, but I contain myself.

Heading to the check-out counter,  I add bananas to the pile.


Back at home, I unpack my purchases from First Convenience, and  proceed to put on the coffee.

Uch! I forgot to get coffee.

I return to First Convenience and buy some  coffee.


I do this all the time. I go to the store to get a specific item, and come home with everything, but!

Am I the only one?