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A slice of Rachel’s Dragonfly, a work in progress

Rachel West is my favorite artist.

You probably haven’t heard of her as she has been hidden away in Winnipeg’s creative hinterland.

Although Rachel captures all kinds of subjects with her brush, I find her paintings of animals  “Rock Star Special”.

The first portrait is of Winston and Oliver, her beloved pets now passed on.

With my advanced, not, photography skills I do my best to capture this original work of art.

The shot of the wolf below is from a Limited Edition Print.

I was so excited when I got my prints that I sent one to Jon Voight.

The Duck below is also from a Limited Edition Print.

However, as you can see from images below the Duck, Rachel paints many other things.

Rachel, who works on a commission basis:

Captures humans in their natural habitat.

Her style travels from a realistic eye to a fanciful perception.

Some of her earlier works were of fairies and their world.

I don’t have a fairy painting to show you right now, but the pretty and dreamy way she has rendered this painting of our father’s home speaks to that quality.

And just how hot is this Haida inspired painting of a Raven?

When you turn it upside down, there is a Wolf in the tail!


I’m far, far away from Queen’s end.

I go to bed, in my temporary Winnipeg bed. I’m homesick, and it’s hard to sleep.

I try counting sheep jumping over a fence. The sheep turn into all the photos I’ve taken of Rachel’s work, more than I can fit into this Post.


OMG! Would I ever love a Rachel  West painting of Queen’s end, a  night shot with all the lights!

Rachel’s rendition of the Silver Surfer on her imagined background

How sexy would that look?