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Dressed in the best Ninja Flight outfit she had, Lara was annoyed by the wine puff her utility belt exposed.

Photo Ā© Resa McConaghy

Photo Ā© Resa McConaghy

2 galplstcBuckets of pink and redNonetheless, it was time to return to Queen’s end. It had been an eternity since she’d been home. Lara went over her “Bucket List”

Determination etching her jaw, she vowed to purchase a 2 gallon plastic bucket for household chores, and pink & red appetizer buckets for salsa, guacamole & hummus.

Ice Bucket Canvas Bucket

Not sure if she was strong enough, yet, after her terrifying abduction, Lara decided she would need a sleek ice-bucket.

Shaking, Lara drew a breath, and fled to the high speed elevator all the while wishing she had a cute canvas tool bucket to go with her outfit!