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Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


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Dissecting the season of the soul

At the window, I will not touch your holy water,
you will not sip off my ale;
we are color-coded sorrow,
curious in our numb stasis,
numb from the heart down.
Only you speaking,
Your sacred texts
that say – Spring child,
march hare,
melancholia of the wild,
the beast’s tears
for his verse
in the supper prayer –
I wish I was burgmansia;
one petal, one lucid planet
vomited out
to be pinned to the heavens.
With what else could you reshape the frost
that rendezvous secretly
among the valleys,
if not with mouths that give teeth
to the Sun.
Your apostles made of hops,
of hot coals, fever, quakes,
a dreamlike wake of rotten leaves,
and sugar rush disease;
they take the bubbly ell of October
and stuff the lambs with it –
release them into the…

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