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Death stopped by far too often, as far as I was concerned. I needed a way to deal with my rage. I was furious. So, I decided to hunt down and, if possible, kill Death.

When I wrote the very first Conversation, I was ready for a fight. I never expected to write a second Conversation, let alone an entire book full of them. But something happened when I met and started talking to Death…things got funny, gifts were exchanged, cats, birds and fish became involved, and while all that was taking place, I learned what Life and Death were really all about.

We all have our own truth and this is mine. Conversations with Death is a funny, loving and romantic give and take between a Party Girl and Death itself.

Yes, it is a love story!

However, Conversations is also funny. It’s a journey that I was apprehensive about taking, yet, I did because I want to be brave. Moreover, I have many questions of death. So, I began to read, and was ultimately charmed.

The questions asked in this book of conversations are the same that many of us have during life. So, what are the answers? Georgiann poses these Q & A’s in a unique way. Although religion & words within that knowledge are mentioned, they are not the wheelhouse of these conversations. Actual “Death” is the point man.

Although not a typical novel, Conversations has a beginning plot point, developing ideas, and and an ending. I for one was surprised at the ending. This is why I won’t tell you more. Why would I take that away from you?

 This is my first normal book review, one without street art to help me along. So I will give it a star rating of ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Honestly, I want to give it 5 stars, but where would I go from there?

Available on Amazon – Conversations With Death

Visit Georgiann on her blog: Rethinking Life