I was right


Of your words, as

I attempted

To climb,

It was up a

Ladder, rung by rung to

Your rhyme.

The ladder stopped short

Of your prose, and

Understanding naught

I froze.


To the left

Revealed steps, where

A hidden garden hung

Upon its end.

An invisible door

Closed it to my whim, and

I Understood

With my bones

That I was not

Allowed in.


The center,

The only hope from

The heart, portrayed

Two worlds

Juxtaposed. So

I leapt through

The image, and

Wondrously heard

You paint your

Thoughts, out loud,

With one clever word.

⭐ ⭐ Inspired by & written for: Charlie Zero, the Poet  ⭐ ⭐

Pics taken by Resa – July, 2016

Poem © Resa McConaghy – December, 2016