I admire this person. I am working towards our ideals. You ain’t seen nothing , yet!

Rethinking Life

Because of Resa, at graffitiglam.wordpress.com

I took my second “selfie.”  The first one was for the cover of my book.  Anyway, Resa and I were writing to each other about how women feel that they have to hide, as they age.  That they feel bad about themselves.  She did a wonderful post on a Vera Wang wedding dress, colored by street artists.  I told her to put the dress on, take her picture, and post it.  She said something about being too old (she’s actually young).  I said that if I lived closer I would put it on (because I am old) and she could take my picture.  Unfortunately, I live in the US and she lives in Canada.  But what she wrote made me think.  Two days ago I asked Melanie to delete a photo I texted to her of Justin’s graduation…because I’m in the picture. She understood and…

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