Professional Moron

Everyone loves cats (and if you don’t, you’re a git). This has led to the rise of what is known as a cat café.

In one of these, a batch of cats loiter about the place relaxing in splendour, whilst humans hang around with them and drink tea, or coffee, whilst indulging in carrot cake etc.

The humans pay for all of that. The cats just bask in luxury. Oh, to be a cat in a cat café.

Cat Cafés

There’s one in Manchester, which is where we got our header image from for this post (you can Meet The Cats if you want to stare at some cats).

It’s located in the Northern Quarter just above the city centre. It opened last year and marked the city’s first cat café!

But others have opened in London (unsurprisingly) and Nottingham (where we went to university).

The first cat café appears to have…

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