Powerful, and true!

Rethinking Life

as a female
when you’re young
if you have the right looks
and attitude
you can have anyone you want
and you can usually do anything you want
but strange men push their bodies
against you on the el
they stand too close
they touch you
until you shove them away
stomp on their feet
or yell at them
they say things
they think are sexy
or charming
but the words
that come out of their mouths
just piss you off
sometimes you hiss
other times
if you can
you walk away
but no matter what
your heart is pounding
and your hands are balled into fists
and you want to rip their faces off
and throw them in the gutter
where they belong
rage lives inside you
lit by men themselves
a fire that never goes out
never dims
and you know
that you have to swim
in this…

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