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Frank, over at “A Frank Angle” has invited us to dance a challenge.

Here’s how it works!

“The She/He Challenge involves writing a story that bounces between the mind of two people. The twist is that I have written what is the man is thinking about her (She statements), so the challenge involves writing the woman’s thoughts (He statements about him). To increase the challenge, each sentence in the woman’s thoughts must begin with “He” to complement the “She” that starts each sentence in the original story.”


She’s the one for the next dance.

He probably thinks I like his vintage tux and ruffled lime green shirt.

She displays a slight smile as I approach.

He swallows hard, & his clip-on bow tie falls off onto the dance floor.

She changes her face into a glow as I extend my hand.

He steps on his bow tie, as he takes my hand.

She graciously engages my offered frame.

He holds me too close, and the lime green ruffles irritate my decolletage.

She transforms my leads into beautiful motions.

He steps on my right foot!

She glides the floor with grace and elegance.

He steps on my left foot!

She makes me feel like the king of the ballroom.

He thinks he’s the king of the ballroom?

She smiles in appreciation as the music ends.

He tells me he’s decided to invest in another vintage tuxedo.

She is the one.

He is the two…. left feet!

        © Resa