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Behind the Lens

Kuala Lumpur is exciting, busy, and VERY TALL

Kuala Lumpur is a city I always enjoy visiting, and I suppose that is because of my Urban Planning background: I have a Masters of Community and Regional Planning degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. My Masters thesis was actually about Urban Planning in areas with Limited Land Space. That, however, seems like ages ago, when I was in graduate school at UNL.

Kuala Lumpur is bustling and always growing. Construction is non-stop. And, every structure seems huge in Kuala Lumpur.

PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS — 451.9 meters, 88 floors, completed in 1996.

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The MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL — A 30 floors structure completed in 1998.

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The FOUR SEASONS HOTEL — 343 metres tall, 65 floors plus 3 underground, and it was completed in 2018. Four Seasons Place…

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