Nine Black Lives

A man becomes who he has pretended to be.

A who-done-it with humor!

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Nine Black Lives

Nicky is an actor, vain, jaded and tired of Hollywood fluff. He holes up, brooding in his New York apartment only to accept yet another “detective” role scheduled to shoot in his grey and gritty home turf. As stalkers move in and a real life murder taps him on the shoulder, Nicky enters a dangerous Neo Noir world. Peril looms to all those around him, including his love Lara and their unborn son. With the chill of premonition creeping over him, and wielding his “detective” skills, Nicky must awaken the true man within before time runs out.

35 thoughts on “Nine Black Lives”

  1. Excellent! It is great to see your blog here, Resa, and your book has a great premise! Thank you for offering the book to readers for free. I will, of course, review it. Again, so nice to find your blog here 🙂

    • 🙂 Thanks Christy! 🙂 Writing is fun, but having one’s writing read is a bit scary!
      I’ve learned to take criticism about my designing, it makes my work better. I’m thinking it is similar!

  2. Came here from poetic parfait and ur book sounds awesome!!

  3. Hi Resa, this is a pleasant surprise, your extraordinary talent has no limits 🙂
    I love to add “author” to your resume, I am impressed !!
    It is very generous you to have a free download, is a wonderful gift that I appreciate a lot.
    I promise to read it, more slowly (the language) but with much interest, and I’ll tell you …
    A big hug.

  4. Hi Resa! I read a bit to see what it is about, and I like it! Very intriguing… :)Thank you for sharing!

  5. I will read it…did not know you did also write..looking forward to read,,may take some time but I will…:)

  6. It is great to see Resa! With love Maxima

  7. Thank you Resa! Best wishes for your future endeavor!

  8. I came over from Christy’s blog. I downloaded your book and plan to give it a read. The premise sounds very fascinating. I have an interest in crime stries so this seems right up my alley. I also write detective / crime stories over at my blog. Good luck with your book and creative projects. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Wow! Thank you! As I work in film (I am a Costume Designer) I believe I have done a good job in the color of the book.
      The mystery, well, you’ll tell me what you think once/if you get through it.
      The humor is on purpose!

  9. I found this through Poetic Parfait! I know it was half a year ago, but I saved the email update from that blog because I knew I wanted to take the time to download Nine Black Lives. It just sounds so fascinating! I have it on my Kindle now and it’s in the top five books on my next to read list 🙂

    • OMG!How lovely!I truly hope you enjoy it!
      I’m glad you dropped bu, as I have been neglecting this blog, and I do like it!
      The day job keeps me busy!
      Thank you!

      • Completely understandable! This post was from back in April and I’m JUST getting to it lol. I saved it for when I’d have the time. I had no idea keeping up with a blog would be so time consuming. I’ll write a review when I do read (though it might be a while). Is there a platform you prefer reviews to be left on?

        • When you do the review, I’ll reblog on Queen’s end (the neglected blog, where you left the comment)
          I just followed you from my writing blog, but it seems Gravatar is the same no matter which blog I use it on.
          Confused, but oh well!

  10. Carolee Croft said:

    Just downloaded… looking forward to reading this!!

    • OMG!!! Wow!
      I wrote a much better book, after this. However, there’s strange sexual behavior in it. This one is a fun mystery… LOL!

      • Carolee Croft said:

        There’s strange sexual behavior in most of my books, so I’m pretty sure it won’t shock me. I like your narrative voice so far, it’s very Dashiel Hammett.

  11. Er, why didn’t you tell me about this? I’ll have a proper read this weekend, madam.

    • ….insecurity ….. Although, you might like it, as it’s dark humour.
      I can’t thank you enough for giving it a read! It’s the first book I wrote, the second one has remained hidden, although I think it’s much better written. I’ve also written 3 screenplays. I sent 2 out, and was crushed by the rejection. LOL!

      • “Insecurity” – nonsense! But, well, most intelligent writers struggle with that. Imposter syndrome, it’s called. Einstein had it. There you go. As for the rejections, well that’s an annoying reality unfortunately, but every writer has received them. George Orwell was told by T.S. Eliot directly from Faber & Faber one of his best books wasn’t good enough. Persistence is key! But don’t just send an unsolicited draft in, it’s best to try and get a literary agent. That’s my plan, anyway. Innit.

        I’ll have a gander over the weekend.

  12. Hi Resa – of course I am waiting for the second volume of our intrepid actor/investigator.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes to you !

  13. This sounds wonderful. I love the cover! I can’t wait to read it!

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