All of Belén’s students are very talented. I’m sure the teacher has something to do with it! Hugs & cheers for the entire class!

Arcilla y fuego

Las creaciones de mis alumnos

Selección de piezas realizadas por los alumnos de cerámica creativa y alfarería durante los cursos.

Cuchara-pulpo de cerámica Cuchara Pulpo

Cuchara-pulpo de cerámica Cuchara Pulpo

Diseño y creación de  Fran

Cuchara-pulpo de cerámica Cuchara Pulpo

Jugando con arcilla  … modelando ideas

Iniciándose en el apasionante mundo de la cerámica.

Belén Soto

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Some older women…

Powerful, and true!

Rethinking Life

as a female
when you’re young
if you have the right looks
and attitude
you can have anyone you want
and you can usually do anything you want
but strange men push their bodies
against you on the el
they stand too close
they touch you
until you shove them away
stomp on their feet
or yell at them
they say things
they think are sexy
or charming
but the words
that come out of their mouths
just piss you off
sometimes you hiss
other times
if you can
you walk away
but no matter what
your heart is pounding
and your hands are balled into fists
and you want to rip their faces off
and throw them in the gutter
where they belong
rage lives inside you
lit by men themselves
a fire that never goes out
never dims
and you know
that you have to swim
in this…

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Students of Belén are very special artists! Congratulations to all!

Arcilla y fuego

Las creaciones de mis alumnos

Selección de piezas realizadas por los alumnos de cerámica creativa y alfarería durante los cursos.

Brazo de cerámica Brazo

Brazo de cerámica Brazo

Diseño y creación de  Andrea

Brazo de cerámica Brazo

Jugando con arcilla  … modelando ideas

Iniciándose en el apasionante mundo de la cerámica.

Belén Soto

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Cat Café Manchester: Cats, Tea, Cake, Cats, and Cats


Professional Moron

Everyone loves cats (and if you don’t, you’re a git). This has led to the rise of what is known as a cat café.

In one of these, a batch of cats loiter about the place relaxing in splendour, whilst humans hang around with them and drink tea, or coffee, whilst indulging in carrot cake etc.

The humans pay for all of that. The cats just bask in luxury. Oh, to be a cat in a cat café.

Cat Cafés

There’s one in Manchester, which is where we got our header image from for this post (you can Meet The Cats if you want to stare at some cats).

It’s located in the Northern Quarter just above the city centre. It opened last year and marked the city’s first cat café!

But others have opened in London (unsurprisingly) and Nottingham (where we went to university).

The first cat café appears to have…

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The Future Stone: Supernatural Lancashire Drama

Barnes Film Festival Blog

Here we have an impressive production headed by Cameron Lee of Lancashire. The 21 year old wrote the script and will direct once it moves into filming – you can find out more, and back the project, at The Future Stone. It’ll star music legend Damo Suzuki of experimental ’70s band Can.

The Future Stone

Here’s a snippet of the plot: A middle aged man from the North West of England is diagnosed with cancer. He had been leading a comfortable life, but the news takes him out of his comfort zone and sets him on a deeply personal journey to make something of the diagnosis.

He heads to the Scottish islands of Jura and Islay. Whilst there, he discovers myths and legends, as well as the enigmatic, rather supernatural Future Stone. His effort to become part of this mystery has a deep-seated interest, one many of us strive…

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DESI – by: Carolee Croft


, , , , ,

A Novella – by: Carolee Croft

Genre: Paranormal Adventure Romance – Adult

Julia Rossi finds herself in romantic Sorrento, Italy, with an amazing cup of espresso in one hand, and a Greyhound in the other.

Julia is a vibrant young career woman working  in California’s wine industry. She has traveled to Sorrento, from L.A. to take care of the estate her uncle Paulo has left her. Turns out uncle Paulo has also left a host of adventure for Julia, in the form of magic and his beloved Greyhound, Desi.

There’s good reason Julia was meant to have uncle Paulo’s estate, and good reason Desi was meant to be with Julia. You see, the estate enshrouds mystic secrets, and Desi is a shifter.

Desi is a Greyhound by night, and a sexy Italian restauranteur named Desiderio by day. Desi has a partner in the restaurant business, his  brother, Alessandro. Alessandro is also a Greyhound shifter.

Cousin Lili is an art student who is ten years younger than Julia. Raised in Italy, Lili is more of a sister and less of a cousin. Lili arrives in Sorrento, to help Julia with the settling of the estate. With that a spellbinding adventure, and unraveling of a family curse begins.

Although previously unknown to Julia, she has inherited her family’s entrancing power. She will be key to the magic needed to rescue Alessandro, in Greyhound form, from Arrigo and his thugs.

Arrigo is a descendant of the evil witch, Giana. Giana had cursed the Gaspari family that Desi and Alessandro are descended from. Since then, all in this blissful place have known about the Greyhounds of Sorrento. Arrigo is dedicated to assuming the evil power of his family’s past, and reviving the vendetta with the Gaspari.

Yet, when it comes to the mystic, count on the fact that things may not be what they seem. Magic has as many twists and turns, as does reality.

Magic can be found in love, and love found in magic. Both sides of the coin are found in Sorrento.

Carolee’s writing excels in her descriptions of Sorrento life, and daily experiences of Julia’s Italian experience there-in. I will add here that I could taste the coffee, pizza and coronets. Carolee’s sense of humor flirts about.

From her other books I’ve read, the graphic descriptions of love making is toned way down, but the fervor is preserved.

If you’re looking for different, this is it! I’m always on the hunt for something off side, that I like. I won’t spill the beans. However, Carolee’s tale that has roots in centuries old magic, where-in an ancient curse has kept the men of the Gaspari family (and possibly others?) as Greyhounds ever since, is piquing.

Carolee’s thoughts are to make a collection of novellas into one book, telling the adventures of the Greyhounds of Sorrento.

It is at this point that I find a novella difficult to rate. To begin with, I am not a fan of star ratings. Second, it’s the entire collection that should be rated, rated in “Crystal Wands”. However, I think 5 1/2 “Rainbow Wands” is fitting for the first tale.

Desi is currently available in EBook format.


Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Goodreads



is a Canadian writer who enjoys traveling around the world, trying chocolate in all its various forms, and relaxing with a good book. She is obsessed with Italian greyhounds.

She has written 7 novels and one novella that are in her own words “I hope not too naughty for your audience”. I find that a tad endearing coming from an admitted fan of Spongebob.

You can find her books on  Carolee’s Books on Amazon OR visit her on Carolee’s Face Book page or Carolee’s WordPress blog





You can see some of my journals in the latest issue of SOMERSET STUDIO…pages 20-23 I think it’s out now. They carry it at Barnes and Joann’s and I don’t know where else.

Congratulations GiGi! Like Holly, I’m not surprised to find your work published! I want this magazine! If anyone in Canada knows where I can buy this mag, could you let me know?

Rethinking Life

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Swords Into Plowshares

Bumba has written a piece… about the peace movement and heavy armaments. He says “there was a time when people marched for peace. How have we forgotten, how have we strayed so far from simple decency?”AND listen to his rendition of Blowing In The Wind by Dylan.

Every Day Another Story

There was a time back in the 1950’s and 1960’s when people – a minority of people obviously – marched to BAN the BOMB. The world-wide PEACE MOVEMENT fought to stop weapons proliferation. Peace, world peace was the goal. Idealistic perhaps, but people simply didn’t want any more wars. The memory of WWII was still fresh in people’s minds. 80 million people had perished. By the war’s end, horrific firebombs were targeting civilians – and then, in 1945, the two nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were detonated. The nuclear weapons were soon refined and made immensely more powerful. They were produced in the thousands. Their purpose was to exterminate entire cities. Drop enough of them and the radiation and ensuing climate change would kill off the majority of earth’s vegetation and fauna for several years, including humanity. “Overkill” became an operative term, a military objective.

Luckily, almost miraculously, these…

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Glamorous Mystery: Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy

Carolee, I adore this review! You said a lot about the story, but did not spoil anything. Music to my ears, 🎵🎵🎵 Thank you, thank you! Hearts and unicorns for you! ❤️ & 🦄

Carolee Croft

Nicky Faime is a Hollywood leading man who can’t help being ridiculously good-looking. He lives in a gilded cage and seemingly his every move is watched by his capable assistant, his security team, and his hard-working chef. But the suspicious death of Lucille Brookers, a costume designer who had worked on the movie that launched Nicky’s career many years ago, motivates Nicky to seek the answers to the mystery.


You wouldn’t think a spoiled movie star who has everything (at least in terms of material possessions) would be a sympathetic character, but he is! Maybe it’s because he’s not satisfied with resting on his laurels. Not content with playing a detective in the movies, Nicky wants to solve a real murder mystery because he truly cares about putting Lucille’s killer behind bars.

However, Lieutenant Lightfoot, the real-life detective on the case is hardly thrilled to have an amateur dabbling in…

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