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The leaves have only begun to happen on the trees, but it’s summer in March in Toronto. I take my camera and my Bob Dylan book to the beach.

The journey begins at the footbridge to the beach. In the summer it invites with a lush canopy of green. Now get ready to traverse the DMZ.

All one has to do is get over the railroad tracks, the Gardiner Expressway and the Lakeshore Highway. Scary how dry it looks for March. Get ready for 5 bucks an ear corn in the fall.

I’d like to take a moment to not thank City Planners for many eras of severing our community from the lake.

We should be at one with the lake, not beheaded from it.

All of a sudden you’re coming up to the Palais Royale and the beach.

I’m glad I got to see the original, no matter what state of decay it was in. I got to put on a Fashion Show there once. The Stones played at the Palais shortly before the renovation happened. My BMF lined up at that morning and just missed out on the limited tickets, sigh!

I was headed to the boardwalk that traces the shoreline. Actually I think it’s a composite materials walk.

Then I saw Sidetrack City moving in. It was a swan. The gorgeous creature swam right to me.

It took a bath at my feet, at my feet. I could have touched it, but I began flailing at settings, and clicking.

Then another swan came to my swan. They put on quite a show.

I felt Swan-blessed as my swans came and said good-bye, and swam away.

I sat on a bench and bravely read 40 pages of Bob Dylan, and I mean that in the good way. I like the organic feeling of a book at the beach. I wonder what it’s like reading on a Kindle at the beach? I’m getting one soon, or maybe I should get a different e-reader. Anyone have advise on e readers?

I’ve taken pen and paper to the beach and written. It’s slower than Word, but it feels good. I’ve heard several reports that they might stop teaching cursory writing at school. Crazy?

There were a few annoyances: The kid throwing stones and rocks while his mom was on her phone might hit a swan, any of the ducks or even a sea gull, there were a few carpenter ants and not finishing the Bob Dylan book

You walk back over the DMZ. The swans seem far away, as you re-enter Queen’s end.